Our dive sites

Our experienced and dedicated team will show you the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea on short trips, half day and full day tours. In addition to our beautiful house reef, we offer excursions to over 20 different and beautiful dive sites, some of them are so large and worth seeing that several dives would be necessary to see all of them.

There are weekly tours to the famous 110-meter-long wreck of the ferry ‘Salem Express’ as well as other impressive dive sites such as Panorama Reef, Abu Kafan, Tobia Arbaa and Ras Abu Soma. An overview map of all the dive sites and a PDF file with more detailed information can be found below.

Non-divers and snorkelers are also welcome on the boat tours at any time. Our short trips or half day tours by boat are particularly suitable for families, as you return to the diving center after about two or four hours.

Early morning, sunset and night dives are also on our program.

0 – House Reef

1 – Shaab Saiman

2 – Ras Um Hesiwa

3 – Ras Abu Soma/Abu Soma Garden

4 – Tobia Arbaa

5 – Tobia Island

6 – Tobia Kebir

7 – Tobia Soraya

8 – Gamul Soraya

9 – Gamul Kebir

10 – Panorama North

11 – Panorama South

12 – Middle Reef

13 – Shaab Quais

14 – Abu Kafan

15 – Shaab Sheer West

16 – Shaab Sheer East

17 – Shaab Claude

18 – Salem Express

19 – Shaab Hamdallah

20 – Tobia Hamra